Key Benefits of Permanent Workstations in Office Suites

Is your company looking for office space in Melbourne, Australia? There are many options especially I the central business district (CBD). One of the big decisions to make is the type of desk arrangements you want. There’s “hot desking” in which workers share one work space. There are also permanent workstations, which provide the following benefits:

1. Privacy
This is one of the most important benefits of permanent desks. In some situations, it’s better for workers to have their desks, CPUs, etc. These are for non-collaborative tasks that require one worker to focus on one task.

There are various cases when this is a better option. For example, some prefer this arrangement because they don’t have to share their workstation, which can become an issue regarding personal space.

Your company should also consider its budget. Startups tend to use shared space more often because it’s more cost-effective and space-saving. Regarding those benefits, hot desking would be a better option. However, if your company has the budget, then you should certainly consider the option of permanent desks.

2. Productivity
Regarding productivity of individual workers, this is a better option. Hot desking is a good option if a team is collaborating on one project. However, if one worker is doing one task/project, it’s simply more convenient to use permanent desk setups. This will help to produce better results. The decision your company makes about these setups should be greatly based on the types of work the team is working on.

3. Security
This is another key benefit of having individual workstations for each employee. When there are different people using the same workstation, there’s a greater chance of security issues regarding multiple people using the same CPU.

On the other hand, there’s less of a chance of that being an issue when there’s one user per computer. For example, there will be one password for log ins, software, etc. This helps to boost the computer’s security.

That said, it’s important your company still take steps to make sure the computing machine is as secure as possible.

These are some of the main benefits of choosing individual workstations for your company. Sometimes it’s a better option than hot desking, but it depends on the situation. What matters most is that your company chooses office space with the right features and price. It will help your workers to be astrict business!

3 tips for choosing the right travel agent for your business trip

3 tips for choosing the right travel agent for your business trip


Many online travel sites compare flights and hotels for you. Many people find it very convenient and think that they don’t need a travel agent anymore. But business travel is different. When you are traveling abroad for business, you usually get a very short time to prepare. Your company gets in touch with a travel agent and books everything for you. When picking a travel agent, you have to consider the following things.

Experienced in dealing with corporate clients


The travel agent must have experience in dealing with the corporate clients. They should know the common demands that business travelers have when they travel abroad. They should be able to arrange everything within the budget.

Services they provide


Many travel agents provide very comprehensive service to its business clients. These include processing the visa, arranging for traveler’s insurance, currency exchange, flight booking, hotel booking, car rental, etc. The more service they provide, the better. Some travel agents even inform you about the weather and other conditions of the place where you are going.

Special offers were given


Many travel agents give special deals to business clients as they know that these clients will frequently be traveling. So, they try to retain these clients by providing lucrative travel offers.

Despite all those online travel sites, it is more convenient to get the service of travel agents. Travel agents have a huge knowledge of this industry. They have huge networks all around the world. They will help you get the best option for your business travel.

5 things business travelers want in their hotel

5 things business travelers want in their hotel


Business travelers have some specific demand regarding the choice of hotels. As they will need to work, they make sure that certain things are available at the hotel they are going to stay. Here are some of the things that must be present at the hotel.

Plug sockets


A business traveler carries laptop, tablet, mobile, etc. with them. They need to use them to stay connected with people and to work. So, the hotel must have plug sockets for all these devices to fit in. There should be one on each side of the bed so that you can charge them while you sleep.

Free Wi-Fi facility


Business travelers need super fast and secure WI-Fi connection. Connectivity is an important factor for travelers. It will allow them to communicate with their business associates, share files and information, and work from remote locations. The connection must also be secure so that no business data is hacked.

Good lighting system


There should be multiple lighting control in the hotel room so that you can turn the brightness of the room p and down according to your need. Desk lights are important if you have to work in the room.

Adjustable heating system


Business travel means you will hardly get the time to rest. Therefore, good sleep is essential to keep you energized the next day. The hotel should have an adjustable heating system so that you can control the temperature of your room according to your preference.

TV services


There should be a TV so that you can have a look at the news. You could also spend some relaxed time by watching a movie or listening to songs.

These are some essential features that business travelers look for when they travel abroad. Without these facilities, a business traveler won’t have a comfortable and good stay.

5 tips to make your international business travel convenient

5 tips to make your international business travel convenient


International business can be very complicated if you don’t plan for it properly. Here are some tips to help you from experiencing anything negative.

Make good preparation

You should do some research on the culture of the country you are traveling to. You should learn the proper etiquette. This is especially important for the business trip as you don’t want to create any bad impression on your international client or any other business associate. You should consider the political situation of the country you are traveling to. You should also check if there is any vaccination requirement for the country you are traveling to. You should make arrangements for your visa well ahead of your departure date.

Prepare a good itinerary

By preparing a good itinerary, you will be able to achieve what the company wants you to accomplish. You should consider your goals and priorities. If you have to meet any client or business associate overseas, you should book appointments in advance. You should book your airline and hotel well in advance as well to get a better deal. You should have a flexible itinerary to adjust for any delays.

Get travel insurance

You should buy a good travel insurance to protect you during your stay abroad. The travel insurance should cover any loss of luggage, accidents, cancellation of flights, disasters, etc.

Learn a bit of the local language

Not all people in a foreign country speak English. So, it will be very helpful to learn a bit of their language. This will save you from a lot of trouble. You can also surprise your business associates by speaking in their native language.

Stay connected

You should take all the electronic gadgets with you so that you can be connected with your local office. You should also be able to contact with your family and friends while you are away.

The difference in culture and etiquettes can affect business meetings or conferences if you don’t prepare well for it. You should read books on their culture. Make sure that you don’t show the wrong body language which may ruin your business deal.